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Date   Company Name Tagline State
  RAR GeneticsCome see us at World Pork Expo! IA
  ShowStockPlanetCheck Out Our Upcoming Online Sales! IA
  Southern Gold SiresSummer Savings Special! IN
  Torpedo FarmsTorpedo Outsider off to an amazing start check out our winners page CO
  Clark Family Show Pigs2015 pig sale may 2 at 3 p.m. selling 60 head of Feb and march purebreds. SD
  Shaffer's GoldrushCheck out the latest pricing! IN
  Southern Select Show PigsNew Winners!!! GA
  Wirt FarmsRoad Block for sale, visit our website for details! SD
  Brown Family Farms Online Sale May 24th Hosted by showpigs.com IA
  Brown Family Show PigsOnline Sale May 24th Hosted by showpigs.com OH
  Wilson LivestockGilts For Sale KS
  Southern Advantage Sires and Showpigs2015 Winners Online! GA
  Stanley Martins FarmsNew Sire Listed! Females page updated. IA
  Swine GeneticsSpecializing in Boar Reproduction! IA
  Brinning GeneticsNew Sires Added IA
  Pow-Her Show PigsPigs available at the farm! OK
  Grimm Quality PurebredsContact us for semen sales! IA
  National Swine RegistryAmerican Yorkshire Club, Hampshire Swine Registry & United Duroc Swine Registry IN
  Elite Swine Inc.New Winners! MO
  Brink Genetics Let us help you!!! IA
  Purple Power Boar Stud,LLC IN
  Olsen YorkshiresNew Herdsires added! SD
  L & H Show PigsCheck Out Ouf New Site! TX
  The Judging Connection .comEducators, Coaches, Teachers, Show committees, Judging enthusiasts, and Judges IN
    5A FarmsMarch May Prospects For Sale! TX
    ASI Show PigsWinners updated. IL
    Ferguson Show Pigs TX
    Nasser Show PigsOnline Sale November 13th held at The Pig Planet AZ
    Cox & CraftCox and Craft Show Pig Sale - May 16th, 2015 OK
    Diamond V Show PigsONLINE SALE TODAY!!! MN
    Hill Top Farms Swine Genetics Pig sale Wed. April 29 selling crossbred gilts, barrows, and boars hosted by showpig.com IA
    Oak Valley FarmNew Winners Posted TX
    Carl Kent & SonsCheck out our NEW boars! TX
    Gerlach Show Pigs14th Annual Spring Show Pig Sale NE
    Crone FarmsOnline Sale April 16th @ ThePigPlanet.com IN
    EDDIE Farms Check out the Herdsire Page IA
    4 U 2 Win / Champions ChoiceTop Shelf Premix Now Available! TX
    Platner Show PigsPursuit 4 Purple pig sale this Friday night April 17th at Spirit Lake Iowa.. elite set of state fair hogs!! IA
    Circle F ShowpigsULTIMATE HONOR PIG SALE :: APRIL 18, 2015 NE
    Clark Show StockRaising quality show stock for 25 years! OH
    HogRoast.Com Directory of Hog Roasting Suppliers and Services! MI
    Kentucky Proud Elite Breeders SaleQuality Consignments from Quality Breeders! April 12th, 2014! KY
    Resler's Spots & DurocsSale April 18 check out all our litter information. MN
    Weinheimer FarmsAbsolute Honor Show Pig Sale :: April 10th, 2015 IA
    Wiechman PigPigs, Swine Marketing, Roaster Pigs, Underweights, Pork Meats, Producers Buying Stations In The Midwest IA
    Kaufman ShowpigsSpring Sale :: Saturday, March 14, 2015 :: PHOTOS NOW ONLINE! IA
    Goodtime Show Pigs Check out our Berks & a Poland Gilt - Online Auction is April 9 - PigPlanet.com IN
    ISU Block & Bridle2015 ISU Block and Bridle Spring Market Hog Show Info Posted! IA
    Powerhouse FarmsCheck us out! CA
    Drescher Family Club Lambs and PigsOpen House April 11th MN
    Ottenwalter Show PigsApril 4th Farm Sale photos now posted. Offering 86 elite mid January through early February pigs! CA
    RodibaughsRodibaugh Pig Sales Saturday, April 11, 6:00 pm cdt IN
    Goodnight's BerkshiresFor Sale: An excellent set of mid-January Berkshires sired by Big Gulp IN
    Goff Swine GeneticsCheck out our FOR SALE page! IN
    Ritter Family BerkshiresOpen house on 3/28 and Online Sale on 3/30. Check out our For Sale Page for pictures and more details! IN
    TRULINE Genetics Genetic Differences... That Make a Difference! MO
    Bangert Show StockNew winners added! IA
    Wetovick PurebredsCheck Out Our Updated Sale Info! NE
    Mark Hosier & Family ShowpigsHoosier Elite Showpig Sale :: Saturday, March 28 at 6pm IN
    Skaar Show Pigs2015 litter updates, 7th annual sale is April 18. MN
    C Bar C Show Pigs Spring 2015 Litters: Early Feb, late March, early April. OK
    Git-R-Done Show PigsNew Sire! AZ
    Johnson DurocsONLINE SALE - March 22 & April 23! OH
    Cunningham RanchNew boars pictures! TX
    Heemsbergen Swine GeneticsOnline Auction! IA
    Northeast LivestockContact us for your show pigs for this summer. NE
    Spear Show PigsELITE SHOW PIG ONLINE SALE!!! Wednesday, April 1st and Tuesday, April 14th at showpig.com! IA
    Vincent Show PigsGo Big or Go Home Sale - March 29th IA
    Top Choice GeneticsCheck out our Belton entries on Top Choice Genetics Facebook OH
    Bombei & Sons Show PigsSale Information Now Posted!! IA
    Tuthill Family FarmsPerformance, Form, and Function IL
    Conover Berks & Show Pigs Showpigs, Boars For Sale Pre Order Bred Gilts IA
    Van Hauen Show PigsSuper 7 Sale March 28th. On Farm Private Treaty Sale March 29th! IA
    Gerot Geneticscheck out our pages IA
    Huinker (Wayne J.)Semen Now Available!! IA
    Ploeger Show PigsBred Gilt Sale on Showpig.com on Sunday December 7 IA
    Peaks to Prairie Show Pigs Open House! CO
    Huinker Durocs LTD. September 22 with Showpig.com IA
    McCulloh Family GeneticsSolid set of Yorkshire boars right now out of the 18-8 sow. Check out our site for more information! IA
    Kuecker SeedstockOnline Sale on April 8! IA
    Lettow Show Pigs Find photos of our champions online! IA
    Chicos Show PigsFreeborn County Jackpot Show Info Posted! MN
    Walridge FarmsShow Pig Headquarters IA
    Bennett Show PigsWinners Posted IL
    Eggers Show PigsNew Winners Added! IA
    Arizona Berks, Polands & SpotsFocusing on Berkshires, Polands, Herefords & Spots! AZ
    Jansen FarmsJF Scalebuster Bull Sale - March 4 TX
    Heimer HampshiresNext Online Auction Jan 29th @ Showpig.com - **November pigs sell! MO
    Stock OptionsBurke Ranch Sale :: February 1st :: Sale Catalog Online OH
    Albright Swine FarmsWe take the raising of pigs, whether for roasting, projects, or any other use, as a serious responsibility. MI
    Genetic Edge/Tom Moyer & Family L.L.C. Check out our 2015 sale dates and Boars! OH
    Polich Show PigsOnline Bred Gilt Sale :: December 9th, 2014 IA
    Boyle FarmsBRED GILT SALE :: DECEMBER 30th IA
    Ferrier GeneticsCHECK OUT OUR NEW SITE!!! MI
    Stewart's Duroc Farm New Winners Online! IA
    Show Stock ImpressionsLet us create something unique for you that you are proud to display! IA
    Allen Show PigsSows have been updated! New Winners Online! TX
    Allen-Bessent FarmsBessent Farms & Allen Farms :: Sales, Nov. 1st TX
    Hi Point Genetics, Inc.Next Online Sale: November 4th! Oklahoma Chrome Semen Available Now - Book today! IL
    Lindner Feed & MillingNew Winner TX
    Top Cut GeneticsWINTER PRICING STARTS NOWOctober 27, 2014 to March 29, 2015!! IN
    Simpson LivestockClosing Tonight: Online Bred Ewe Saled & New Sires Added! CO
    Baade GeneticsNew Winners! NE
    Bob May LivestockNew trip posted - leaving California October 24! Call with your livestock needs CA
    Harrell Family FarmSale October 16th. Sale pics posted! IN
    Schminke LivestockNew Chester Winner IA
    DL Show PigsFarm Sale, Saturday, October 11th TX
    Vickrey Show PigsNew Winners Added IN
    Swine Genetics International, LtdSpecializing in Boar Reproduction! IA
    Hurd Show PigsOnline Sale - Bidding Underway! IA
    Schmaling Bros. Berkshires New winners added! IA
    Michel ShowpigsONE DAY ONLY - Platt and Michel Online Sale - Bidding Underway! IN
    Belew Farms SiresUpdated! TX
    McCleery Family DurocsCall for prices on pigs! TX
    Zell Spot FarmNew Sale!! IN
    Kuehne Swine FarmShow Pig Sale - October 11!! LA
    Armstrong GeneticsOnline Auction on showpig.com - September 25! IL
    Lambright Show PigsNew Sows Added! IN
    Thompson Brothers GeneticsNew Boars Added! OH
    Perry Swine GeneticsChampion Cross and Reserve Grand @ Indiana St Fair Sired by Mr. Deeds! Check out our new boars in stud. IN
    Ifft YorkshiresNew Winners! IL
    Mote FarmsAll litters are on the ground with litter information updated TX
    Creek Bottom Show PigsCheck out all of our litters coming soon! TX
    Kneese Show PigsBarns open the weekend of September 6! Please call to set up an appointment. Check out our new Chester boar Ein! TX
    Albertson & Sons GeneticsNBS Boar video and new herd sires added! IA
    Reed LivestockNew sale dates posted TX
    Vincent FarmsOur goal is to maintain lasting relationships with our clients and help them in aquiring their goal of reaching the winner's circle. TX
    GO GeneticsCheck out our updates!!! TX
    A+ ShowpigsUpcoming Sale Information Coming Soon! IN
    True North TechnologiesAll Natural Animal Health and Performance Improving Stock Show Feed Supplement IA
    WinMor FarmsWalk of Fame online sale WI
    Northwest Industrial Supply CompanyNorth Dakota industrial supply companies, industrial tools and supplies, oil field tools and supplies, construction supplies and masonry products in western North Dakota, Williston Basin, and Baken Oil Field ND
    Sieren Swine Farm SALE WEEKEND!! April 12th Iowa Elite Sale Washington, IA & April 13th Online Sale www.showpig.com IA
    DCM Hampshires & Durocs (Dave Martin)Iowa Purebred Elite Sale info added! IA
    Greiner Show PigsSelling 4 elite gilts online today. Pictures and sale link posted. IA
    Iverson Farms2013 Iowa State Fair Grand Champion Hampshire Boar IA
    Frey Farms Show Pigs 3rd Annual Board Bid Sale, April 5th, 2014 OH
    Real McCoy Genetics PEDv Update OH
    Biggs LivestockNew winners and litter information. TX
    Ogle GeneticsSale Saturday March 8th IL
    Steffensmeier FarmsNovember-February pigs for sale off the farm! If you are in southeast Iowa give me a call! IA
    S & K ShowpigsOnline Sale! OH
    Desert ShowpigsOnline Sale! CA
    Dreher Show PigsCheck out our site! IA
    Golden State GeneticsWinners Added! CA
    Grings GeneticsGrings Genetics Online Bred Gilt Auction IA
    New Wave GeneticsNew genetics and winners posted! IA
    Stephens FarmOnline Sale info added!!!! TX
    Pheasant Ridge FarmsExperience, Expertise & Excellence IA
    Leisgang Cattle & Show PigsNew sire! WI
    New Castle GeneticsOnline Auction!! OK
    Vegas ShowpigsNew Farm Address! IA
    Elmcrest GeneticsBred Heifers > Service age bulls 50% to Full blood, Embryos and Semen also for sale! IA
    Brinkmeier FarmsCheck out our new site!! IL
    Heffernan GeneticsThird Annual Pig Sale, Sept 7th 9 am at the farm. New Winners Added!! TX
    Team Sloan LivestockWinners Updated! MO
    Power Point Boar Stud & GeneticsCheck out our boars! SD
    Mock LivestockSale dates now posted! TX
    Sam Scher ShowpigsNew Winners Added! IN
    White Show PigsCHECK OUT OUR NEW SITE!!! IA
    McCasland FarmsNew Herd Sire! OK
    Foster Hog FarmLet's Get-R-Done Club Pig Sale :: Photos Online! SD
    Marek Land & LivestockCheck Out our new Boars!!!! IA
    Engelking Family Show PigsCHECK OUT OUR NEW SITE!!! IA
    Wolfe & Sons Show PigsMore photos posted! Sale this Saturday! NE
    Miller Acres Inc.Check out what we have For Sale! IA
    Mauck Show HogsPics now up for March 20th sale on Showpig.com! IN
    Mike Murphy Farms Badger Blitz - April 7th! IL
    Casper College Lamb & Pig Sale Find a Diamond in the Rough!!! WY
    Long's LivestockSale of Gold In the Heart of Montana info added! MT
    Southern Iowa Green SolutionsCleaning the World One Treatment at a Time IA
    Breeders World Online SalesRule Fall Flush Lamb Sale and In It to Win It Goat Sale now POSTED OH
    Roger M. Hunker AuctioneerRule Fall Flush Lamb Sale and In It to Win It Goat Sale now POSTED OH
    Allied Producers CooperativeAmerica's Premium Pork IA
    BP Swine GeneticsThanks to the buyers at the 2012 Fall Classic!!! OH
    The StudWinter Pricing - Now Through March 1st! TX
    Stein & Stewart GeneticsNew Boars Added! MO
    Ace In The Hole Show PigsOur annual Fall pig sale will be held on Friday, December 7th 2012 at the Arizona State Fair Grounds AZ
    Larrison Creek LivestockOnline Sale today (11/5) at www.drivepigsales.com! TX
    Watson Family FarmOnline Sale - Today at thepigplanet.com! WI
    4 K Farms, Inc.Check out our 2012 Fall Boar Lineup - Order Today! IA
    Blount FarmsWe would be honored to be part of your success!!! TX
    Cedar Ridge FarmsShowpig Sale!!! IL
    Clay FarmsView our consignment in the DRIVE Power Female Sale, Sept 20th, on www.drivepigsales.com TX
    Cranor Show Pigs Prospect Pig Sale! KS
    Lean Value SiresWinner's Only Pigs Sale! OH
    Lone Star Super HogsCheck out our new website! Call us today for more information! TX
    Shaffer Superior GeneticsCommercial Line IN
    4 J Show PigsPigs are looking great!!! Call for more info!!! TX
    Byrd Show PigsCheck out our new for sale page & pigs for sale! 4 littermate gilts on the ABA online sale October 16th. TX
    Rash Livestock Check out our NEW Site!! TX
    A Cut Above Boar StudView our consignment in the DRIVE Power Female Sale, Sept 20th, on www.drivepigsales.com NE
    Shipley Swine GeneticsFor Sale OH
    Weisinger FarmsHigh Society BID-OFF sale pictures now posted! IA
    DTR LivestockSundays Best Sale videos and information posted! TX
    Drive For The Rosette 3rd Annual Pig SaleSunday, April 1, 2012 at the Agricultural Learning Center in Muscatine, Iowa IA
    Pro-Fit Show SupplyThe professional showman's choice... IL
    Gourley Family FarmsNew winners and Spring Litter information now posted! OR
    Hot Rod Genetics - Walser FarmsThank you for making 2011 a great success! TX
    Peugh ShowpigsGood luck to all of the exhibitors preparing to show! TX
    Nelson Bros GeneticsIf you want red hog success you need NBD Genetics! SD
    Cobb FamilyWinter Bred Gilt Offering! AR
    W. Rode & Sons1st Private Treaty Show Pig Sale TX
    Twisted StitchCustom Embroidery, Screen Printing and Promotional Products, formerly known as Professional Images. OK
    Young & GuardPigs of all ages available off the farm. We farrow monthly. IN
    Maneotis RanchCorgi puppies born Nov 23 and 25, 2010 CO
    Ken Lane ShowpigsSpring Sale Info Posted! IA
    Bowling Club PigsSelling more than 100 Yorks, Polands, Hamps, Durocs & Chesters! IN
    S & S SwinePigs available Private Treaty!! TX
    Loin Eye Hog FarmWinners Added - Plan for 2010 with Genetics that have a Winning Reputation! CA
    Fox Online A.I. Supply Catalog Purchase Online! IA
    Panero Farms Video ONLINE...Check Out EARTHQUAKE! Thanks To All Our Buyers! CA
    Brad Davis StuffCattle, Pigs & Trailers For Sale IA
    Timberland Show PigsShow Pigs for sale Private Treaty! WI