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How Do I Start My Own Cattle Brand?

Whether you’re an experienced rancher looking to take your cattle operation to the next level or you’re new to the trade, you may have a lot of questions about creating a unique marketing brand that helps your cattle operation stand out from the crowd. However, building your own cattle brand from the ground up doesn’t have to be a struggle.

The Basics of Branding

A business’s brand helps customers easily identify and connect with how that business can help them. A well-defined brand will communicate to customers the types and quality of products and services customers can expect to find while simultaneously conveying your key values and core mission. 

Starting your cattle brand involves clearly defining your brand identity, designing a visual identity, crafting your unique brand voice, and communicating it to your chosen audiences.

Finding Your Brand Identity

The first step in creating a brand identity is to do some deep thinking about your core values and mission. As you consider your unique brand identity, consider the following questions.

  • What principles guide your daily operations?
  • What positive impact or change do you want to have on your customers or the cattle industry?
  • What specific benefits do customers gain by choosing you over your competitors?
  • What guarantees or commitments do you make to your customers?

Another key aspect of establishing your brand identity is to clearly define your ideal customer. These are the people or businesses that you would most like to serve and your brand identity should help those customers connect with you. While you likely don’t have access to in-depth market research, you can start by considering your existing customers.

  • What are your ideal customer’s values?
  • Do these people have any pain points that your product or service can solve?
  • Does your ideal customer have any common features such as age, gender, income, location, or interests?

If you struggle with finding your brand identity, our team is available to help you.

Crafting a Memorable Logo and Visual Identity

Designing a memorable logo for your cattle operation’s brand can seem intimidating, particularly if you do not have a background in graphic design or consider yourself to lack artistic talent. But some of the best and most memorable logos are rather simple. In fact, that simplicity is one of the reasons those logos are so memorable. Creating your visual identity often involves considering the following elements.


Circles, squares, triangles, and silhouettes of common things in your industry work well for a focal point. Try to connect the shape you choose with some aspect of your brand identity. To keep it simple, we recommend choosing one shape and one silhouette. For example, if your cattle operation has three core values, you may want to select a triangle as a focal element, perhaps with a stylized silhouette of a steer overlapping.


The colors you choose should also reflect your brand identity. Many colors convey subtle but powerful messages. For example, green is often associated with healthy and environmentally friendly products or services. Blue, on the other hand, is often perceived as clean and professional. Limit your color palette to two or three choices to avoid over-complicating your visual identity.


Typography is an often overlooked aspect of creating a unique visual identity. Serif and sans-serif fonts often work well within logos because they are easy to read and provide a professional look. Display and script fonts allow you to add more character and interest to your visual identity—just make sure that they are easy to read.

As you flesh out your visual identity and logo, feel free to sketch out any ideas that come to mind. Don’t worry about your artistic skills or creating the perfect design on your first try. The idea is to just start putting ideas together and finding something that catches your eye. Nothing is set in stone. Our graphic designers can assist you in bringing your logo to life.

Building Your Brand Voice and Messaging

Brand voice refers to your unique personality, style, and tone of communication. Everything you’ve done so far to develop your cattle brand has been about what to communicate, now it’s time to work on how to communicate. As you do so, it is important to keep your ideal audience in mind at all times. Make choices that allow you to communicate your value and core mission to that audience in a consistent and easily recognizable way.

Key components of a brand voice include:

  1. Personality: This is the human-like quality or character that your brand conveys. For example, a brand may have a personality that is friendly, professional, authoritative, playful, caring, or witty. The chosen personality should align with the brand’s values and resonate with the target audience.
  2. Tone: Tone refers to the mood or attitude expressed in brand communication. It can vary depending on the context. For instance, a brand’s tone may be formal and respectful in official announcements but friendly and casual on social media. The tone should be consistent with the brand’s personality and the situation.
  3. Style: Style encompasses the specific language, vocabulary, and writing style used in brand communication. It can include elements like humor, simplicity, or technical language, depending on the brand’s identity and the audience’s expectations.

Communicating Your Brand

One of the most successful ways of communicating your brand is through stories. People can easily relate to stories and the characters involved. An effective way to connect your brand to your ideal customer is to identify one of their pain points and show them how your products and services solve that problem for them.

As you communicate your brand, remember to always be authentic and true to your core values. Please contact us to discuss how our team of marketing and design professionals can help you build your cattle brand so that you stand out above your competitors..