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We Love Finding Creative & Technical Solutions to Meet Your Business Needs

At EDJE, we are your trusted partner to help you grow your business or organization through a strong brand and an effective web presence. If you’re wondering how to stay relevant in the digital age, our team has the solutions. We work to truly understand you and establish your business online so you don’t have to add the tasks of branding, web design, or digital marketing to your already busy schedule.

What You Can Expect Working With Our Team

As an agency, our top focus is you! We don’t mess around when it comes to your online presence, and we know that timely communication is vital to helping a project or campaign run smoothly and keeping your website up-to-date. Our team is available Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. CST for anything you need. You can expect prompt responses from your project manager and quick turnarounds from our website updates team with updates to your website made within 48 hours after you reach out!

“EDJE gets hands-down 5 stars from me! I am impressed with the customer service and quality. What a relief to find a company that earns and keeps your business!”

Meet the Team Dedicated to Your Online Success

You have a team that’s focused on keeping your business running, and we have a team that’s focused on everything else. Meet the friendly faces you’ll be working with when you partner with us.

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Mike Smith


Team member, Kathy Warnyca's headshot
Kathy Warnyca

Sales — Canada

Team member, Susie Diaz's headshot
Susie Diaz

Project Manager

Team member, Chris Weber's headshot
Chris Weber

Web Developer

Team member, Tracy Kendzora's headshot
Tracy Kendzora

Web Designer & Developer

Team member, Jay Peterson's headshot
Jay Peterson

Web Designer & Developer

Team member, Kelly Zwirlein's headshot
Kelly Zwirlein

Project Coordinator

Team member, Jeremiah Kriegel's headshot
Jeremiah Kriegel

Web Support

Team member, Halah Alazzawi's headshot
Halah Alazzawi

Web Support

Team member, Seth Missiaen's headshot
Seth Missiaen

Web Support

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