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Why Should Small Businesses Invest in Design Strategy?

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In today’s ultra-competitive business environment, it can be difficult to reliably attract and cultivate long-term clients. Small businesses, in particular, often struggle with gaining market visibility, brand recognition, and customer loyalty, especially when directly competing against larger companies which have more resources and an established brand identity.

Design strategy is a comprehensive approach that integrates design thinking and methods into a business’s overall strategic plan to fulfill business objectives such as improving lead generation, creating cohesive brand experiences, and addressing user experiences.

For many small businesses, overcoming market-based challenges requires investing in a design strategy that focuses on targeting the right audience, building a compelling brand, and delivering exceptional customer experiences. Effective design strategy is not just about making things look good; it’s about creating meaningful experiences that resonate with customers and drive business growth.

Targeting the Right Audience

An effective design strategy begins by targeting the right audience for your business. Through intentional design choices such as color palette, typography, intuitive navigation, tone of voice, or clear value propositions, your business can benefit from improved conversion rates, more efficient use of resources, and higher return on investments (ROI).

How do I know who my target audience should be?

There are a variety of ways of discovering your business’s ideal customer. Some key steps include:

  • Market research
  • Analyzing current customer behavior
  • Identifying the problems and needs of your customer base
  • Analyzing competitor strengths and weaknesses
  • Using data analytics tools such as Google Analytics to identify which parts of your website most resonate with clients

Enhanced Brand Identity

Another benefit of investing in design strategy is a strengthened brand identity. Your brand identity is the unique set of characteristics that influence how potential clients perceive your business’s personality, appearance, and behavior.

When you clearly identify to clients who you are, what you stand for, and what kind of experience clients will have when interacting with your business, you will begin to see increased customer loyalty and growth through word of mouth and increased customer recognition. A brand identity will help you stand out from among the crowd of competitors. Furthermore, it will help you attract and hold the type of customers that you most want to do business with.

Improved Customer Experience

An often overlooked benefit of investing in design strategy is improved customer experience. In addition to aesthetic improvements, key components of every design strategy should include improvements to internal navigation, information hierarchy, and site layout. As you make changes to these aspects, you will create a simplified and more intuitive browsing experience for your users, help them to better locate key information, and remove any pain points that may be blocking your sales funnel.

Build Trust and Credibility

Moreover, an improved design strategy can be a critical factor in building trust among potential customers. An old, outdated website may not only be off-putting to many users but may also contribute to a sense of distrust or unease. In contrast, a well-designed website with a tasteful color palette, standardized fonts, intuitive internal navigation, and thoughtful information hierarchy will help users to engage with your site and thereby create a sense of trust and credibility.

Partner With a Trusted Marketing & Design Expert

Investing in an improved design strategy can help your small business gain a competitive edge in the marketplace. With benefits ranging from increased return on investment and enhanced brand identity to enhanced customer experience and improved market credibility, investing in a design strategy refresh is one of the best ways to significantly grow your business.

At EDJE we partner with small businesses to help you gain marketing success and grow your business. We have a proven 20-year track record of helping businesses just like yours overcome marketing challenges. Contact us today to see how our team can help you gain a competitive edge over your competitors.